For over 70 years, Kryolan has supplied the film, theatre, and television industries, allowing them to be one of the world’s first skilled make-up brands. Today, due to their vast collection of over 16,000 high-quality beauty items and accessories, they are still the number one option among make-up artists.

For more than six decades Kryolan’s chemists have developed their professional range from their Berlin headquarters. During this time, 750 colour-intensive shades have been created and perfected in over 16,000 products that are currently used in more than 80 countries around the world on every continent.

What sets Kryolan apart from other makeup brands, whether professional or otherwise, is the commitment to meeting the needs and demands of professional makeup artists. Each sector has its own expectations, for example, theatrical make-up needs to be extremely hard-wearing, so they only produce formulas that can work effectively in the industry.
This is why Samaya Beauty is working with this brand. They have always been at the cutting edge of their products. In fact, the raw materials they use exceed the requirements and expectations for cosmetics and our customers and are of the highest purity. To meet outstanding quality standards our goal. We’re also pleased to report that, they have always refused to test on animal products. No Kryolan product was ever tested on an animal before.