If you’re living in Melbourne and have ever applied a foundation to work, there are high chances you have wanted it to be Kryolan.

Kryolan enjoys an unparalleled aspirational value among beauty enthusiasts worldwide.
Kryolan is not just a cosmetics brand popular in Melbourne but a global trendsetter in beauty. It’s the go-to brand for make-up rookies to celebrity stylists that offers an exhaustive range of products to take care of your complexion, correction, creativity, and body coloring needs.

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What’s The Kryolan Secret?
Kryolan is a brand that is equally popular among those fervent about luxury as well as those who simply want to feel confident in their own skin. It certainly has certain magic ingredients that help the brand resonate with people of all kinds. It’s sure to be welcomed by everyone who tries it.

Some would say it is the experience.

Kryolan celebrated its diamond jubilee in 2020 and the 75 years long journey has been no less precious than a rock-solid diamond. Over the years, Kryolan has studied women, men, and people of all likes. They have themselves adapted to how people grow, how they like to express themselves through make-up, and how to offer them the best to exceed their expectations. It’s how they know what works and what doesn’t – delivering products that actually make a difference.

Some believe the secret ingredient is the diversity.
Kryolan is proud to be one of the most inclusive brands in the world, that has recognized, cherished, and catered to the needs of all skin types and colors; irrespective of the gender, race, or even boundaries.

Most believe what works for them is the combination of the two wth the sprinkle of excellence.

Precision tools, efficient accessories, highest quality of products, there isn’t a single aspect of Kryolan that lets you down.

Quality and Variety: The Best Of Kryolan Products
Kryolan has the kind of quality consistency and varied range that can easily overwhelm a make-up connoisseur.

When it comes to seamless contour, nothing beats the Nebula line of airbrushes. We offer the complete range from HD Micro Foundation on Air Thinner to Nebula Chromatic, Contour, and Complexion Airbrushes.

Kryolan understands the significance of make-up and beauty can differ drastically from person to person. With the special effects make-up line of products, Kryolan shows solidarity with the expressive one’s, encouraging them to use make-up to their creativity’s and heart’s content.

We also go a step further to offer the unique range of hair effects products by Kryolan. Whether it’s the magic aquacolor mascara you need or the pro gum remover gel, you’ll find it right in our store!

Keeping in mind the current situation, we also offer Kryolan’s special hand sanitizers with formulas approved by the WHO.

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