If Melbourne were a fashion magazine, Palladio would definitely make it to the cover.

That’s how popular Palladio is among fashion lovers in Melbourne, and all across the world. It’s a brand of expression, that embraces people of all kinds and enables them to wear safe fashion in the form of make-up.

You can get what you are looking for – without having to take the time to look at different stores. The experience is both subtle and a convenient one.

Why Melbourne Loves Palladio
Melbourne is a city thumping with power and Palladio is a brand that exudes power; in the brand’s own words ‘Palladio is high-powered color’. Safe to say, Palladio in Melbourne is a style statement; one that we offer to you.

Here are three reasons why we Palladio is our favorite make-up brand:
✓ All products are safe and vegan.
✓ Infused vitamins and extracts ensure nourishment with beauty.
✓ Long-lasting formulas are suitable for all skin types regardless of gender or color.
✓ An unmatched variety in product lines.

After all, who wouldn’t love a brand that doesn’t ruin your skin if you forget to take your make-up off after an eventful night?

Find All The Bestsellers and High Rated Palladio Products On Our Shelves
What’s better than to have the best of what you love stocked and sorted all together in one place? We store all your favorite Palladio products to fulfill the brand’s and our collective objective — make nourishing beauty more accessible to you.

Let’s break up the best products in two top categories:

The Bold and Beautiful Look
You cannot imagine a bold look without a smokey eye, can you? We offer the Silk FX eyeshadow palette by Palladio that can help you create a glittery, smokey, yet vibrant look altogether. It’s gluten and paraben-free so when you use it with an eyeshadow primer you can enjoy about 12 hours of stunning eyes.

For bold lips, nothing can beat the 4ever + ever intense lip paint that keeps your lips moisturized and nourishes them with the aloe extracts it contains.

The Elegant and Posh Look
Define and your brows with our bestselling brow definer micro pencil by Palladio, emphasize your lashes with the lash obsessed mascara, and add a tint of whatever color you can think of with the eye shadow essentials kit to rock the posh look.

If you and the ones around you can handle more glamour, the combination of Palladio’s precision lip liner and dreamy matte lip colors is sure to make heads turn.

As this brand is all about skincare, let’s not leave the skin health essentials behind. We offer everything from the happy, healthy hydrated peel-off mask to gluten-free bronzers if you’re in the mood for some skin pampering.

With our collection of Palladio products in Melbourne, we aim to bridge the gap between you and one of the most revered cosmetic brands across the globe. With our stock of Palladio, we make looking ramp ready seem like a cakewalk.